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What to do with bed bugs?

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A bed bug is a small, brown insect that is visible to the naked eye. They are usually found at the seams of the bed and are very active during the night.

Bed bugs bite humans and feed on their blood while leaving itchy bite marks. These bites can cause victims to suffer from lack of sleep, fatigue, anxiety, etc.

These insects usually leave brown stains and excrement on the seams of the bed.

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We will answer all your questions to learn more about bed bugs and be able to fight off this harmful little critter in the event of an infestation.

Common name: Bed bug

Latin name : Cimex lectularius
Family : Cimicidae

Bed bugs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bedbugs be seen with the naked eye?
Bed bugs are definitely visible to the naked eye. You can see them on your bed and at the ends of your mattress. Bed bugs are reddish brown in color and their size is between 3 and 7mm. Bed bugs look like apple pips.
How do you know if there are bed bugs in the bedroom?
When you feel stinging and itching on your skin, there may be bedbugs around. Similarly, if you notice black stains and traces of blood on the sheet and pillows, this indicates that there is a presence of bedbugs. Note that bedbug bites are similar to mosquito bites.
Itching caused by the bites of bed bugs bed prevent you from sleeping and can cause insomnia. Bite marks are usually aligned or grouped in the same place. Generally the parts of the body most exposed to bites are the back, the arms and the legs.
I have the impression that my house is infested with bed bugs, what should I do?
In this case, you must try to find their hiding place in order to confirm their presence. Start by lifting your bed sheets, you will certainly discover small reddish-brown insects. You will also see traces of blood and feces at the seams and edges of the mattress.

If you find all of this in your mattresses, then know that your house is infested. If you own the house, then you must call an exterminator as soon as possible to get rid of these insects. If you are a tenant, notify the landlord so that he can take action as soon as possible.

Can you catch diseases from bed bugs?
There is no risk of contracting diseases from bed bugs. These insects do not transmit diseases.
Do bed bugs live on people?
Bed bugs are different from lice that live on humans. Bed bugs typically live around the seams and edges of mattresses. They can live on a person’s body when the person is physically disabled and cannot drive them away or when the person is mentally ill. Likewise, bed bugs do not live on animals.
Are there bed bugs in greater Montreal?
Bedbugs are found in major North American cities such as Montreal. There are many apartment buildings in Montreal with bed bug infestations. The presence of bedbugs is becoming more and more increasing in Montreal.

Similarly, many cities in Quebec suffer from bed bug infestations. Provisions have been made at the metropolitan level to avoid the disastrous consequences of bedbugs.

Are there provisions against bed bugs in Montreal?
Faced with the strong presence of bedbugs in Montreal, a regional action plan to fight against bedbugs has been put in place. These measures will reduce and eradicate bedbug infestations in the city of Montreal. See pdf here
Can bedbugs live without feeding?
When they feed on a regular basis, adult bed bugs can live up to around 5 months. They can also live without feeding, in which case they must go dormant. They could live for a year in this state.
Where are bedbugs usually found?
Bed bugs usually live near beds or on beds. Bedroom furniture, cracks in the walls and the floor are places where bedbugs live. They can be found in power outlets, armchairs and other furniture. When their numbers are large, they move to other rooms and other houses.
My neighbour's house is infested, what should I do?
The migration of bed bugs from a dwelling is indeed possible and it is a fairly common phenomenon. The risk is greater in the case of apartments and condominiums. Indeed, moving is easier with common walls, cracks, conduits, etc. If your neighbor is infested, check your bed weekly and vacuum it.
Are there more bed bugs in unsanitary housing or in disadvantaged neighborhoods?
Bed bugs can be found in both unsanitary and clean homes. Living conditions don’t matter. However, it is important to note that condominiums and multi-unit buildings are the most exposed because movement and migration is easier there.
Is the presence of bed bugs due to a lack of cleanliness?
The lack of hygiene has nothing to do with the presence of bed bugs. These can be present in completely clean homes. However, be aware that the risk of these insects being present is higher when there are many hiding places.
Does the fact that my home is insulated protect me from bed bugs?
No matter where you live, bed bugs can come to your home. Its movement can be done via an object in which it hides. Suitcases, travel bags, mattresses, clothing, sheets, furniture are all means that can carry bed bugs.
Does washing second-hand clothes save my home from bedbug infestation?
Bed bugs can withstand washing in hot or cold water. If you have infested second-hand clothes, put them in tightly sealed plastic bags. Then put the bag into the dryer and turn on the machine and let it run for about 30 minutes on the hottest setting. Finally, throw the bags containing the clothes outside in well-closed garbage cans.
My mattress is infested with bed bugs, what should I do?
You can treat your mattress with a bed bug cover or with a steam treatment. You can call on an exterminator to provide you with a solution. He may ask you to throw away your mattress and in this case you have to tear it up and put it in a plastic cover before throwing it away.

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I'm going on a trip, how can I avoid bringing bed bugs?
Moving around can encourage the presence of bedbugs. Check that your living room is not infested. During your stay, avoid putting your suitcases and clothes on the beds and on the carpets. When you return from your trip, put your clothes in a plastic bag before pouring it into a dryer at the maximum level.
Can I take care of exterminating bedbugs myself?
It is not recommended to use insecticides to eliminate bed bugs. There are products that are not effective and that can be dangerous for your health. Improper use of products can make bed bugs much more resistant and therefore more difficult to eliminate.So a qualified exterminator must be called in to take care of the situation.
Can insecticides kill bedbugs?
Some bed bugs are resistant to insecticides, especially if these products are used excessively. Extermination companies use several methods combined with chemicals to eradicate bed bugs.
Can the use of sticky paper, the lubrication of the bed legs and the choice of metal bed help eliminate bed bugs?
These solutions can prevent bed bugs from getting into the bed but do not eliminate them. The bed bug may move to other areas of the bedroom, other rooms or even other accommodations.

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