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One of the largest cities in Quebec, Laval offers comfortable accommodations for both travelers and pesky invaders. If you live in Laval, then the word “infestation” shouldn’t come as a surprise.

While beautiful, this densely populated city has its fair share of problems with carpenter ants, mice as well than other insects and rodents. If you find yourself confronted with any type of pest, you must immediately contact an exterminator in Laval.

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First of all, the city of Laval is not infested to the point of requiring emergency extermination. However, the densely populated city provides pests such as bed bugs with easy access to food and shelter in homes as well as hotels. Attaching themselves to luggage, clothing, and shoes, “bloodsucking” insects live in the bedroom, where they feed on the blood of sleeping humans and pets.

Such pests can multiply rapidly if not treated carefully. It is for this reason that contacting a professional exterminator at the first sight of any insect is very important.

Additionally, residents of Laval occasionally encounter the hairy-tailed mole, which can ruin the aesthetics of a yard by digging holes. Mice are no strangers to this town either, causing their fair share of damage to buildings as well.

Pest exterminator in Laval according to the seasons
The climate of Laval is often welcoming, but rather conducive to the growth and reproduction of various types of harmful organisms during the hottest periods of the year. The city’s freezing winter temperatures tend to reduce local pest activity levels and drive nuisances indoors.

White-footed mice, for example, generally spend their winters in the warmth of Laval homes. Although small and seemingly harmless, these pests are known to carry hantaviruses and ticks infected with Lyme disease. Like rodents, cockroaches also sneak into homes in search of food. Native spiders and other pests such as house centipedes frequently enter homes in Laval.

If you recognize yourself in any of the above situations, we recommend calling an experienced Laval pest exterminator who is well trained on the needs of the city, an expert is definitely the right choice when it comes to pest control.

The extermination of ants in Laval

Finally, ants can be a major nuisance in Laval homes and businesses. Some species of ants can even be destructive. Pavement ants live outdoors under stones and next to buildings. They often enter buildings through cracks and small openings.

Indoors, pavement ants often nest inside walls. They follow the pipes to move between the floors of the building.

Pharaoh ants are very tiny. In buildings, they nest near water sources in warm, humid areas.

Carpenter ants are very large. They live outside in trees and enter houses to feed and drink water. When carpenter ants find food in a house, they often make a nest nearby.

Any type of ant can often cause serious damage to a home by the time homeowners learn of their presence!

If you start to spot ants of any kind, or any type of unwanted guest, in your home or business – make sure to immediately contact an ant exterminator in Laval!


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