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If you have ant problems, you’ve come to the right place! Our certified technicians in Laval will be able to eliminate your ant problem for good! We have been pest management specialists since 1988!

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The most common ants in Laval

The following different species of ants are commonly found locally:

Dommages causés par les souris
Pavement ants in Laval

The pavement ant is light brown to black in appearance, it invades buildings in search of food. Nests are usually found outdoors and are difficult to locate when you are not used to doing so.

Pharaoh ants in Laval

The Pharaoh ant is very small and looks light yellow with red and black markings on its abdomen. They mainly benefit from the heating in winter to survive and their nest is difficult to reach without the appropriate equipment.

Carpenter Ants in Laval

The carpenter ant can cause great material damage, since it loves to chew wood. It often builds its nest in rotting wood and then destroys surrounding structures. It can cause heavy damage!

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To exterminate ants, you need not only expertise, but the right products and the right equipment. The Rive-Nord Extermination team has all the skills to identify and completely eliminate your ant problem in Laval.

1. Site visit to identify the source of the problem and the type of ant

2. Extermination and elimination of ants

3. Decontamination (if applicable)

4. Apply preventive measures to avoid a new ant invasion

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