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What are the most common cockroaches in Laval?

The following different species of cockroaches are most often found:

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Brown-banded cockroach

The brown-banded cockroach prefers warm, dry places, but since it can fly, it can find its way into any structure and the interior of furniture.

American cockroach

The American cockroach is one of the largest insect pests and measures almost 1.5 inches. Their wings are reddish brown and it has paler spots on its thorax.

German cockroach

This is the most common cockroach that you can find in residences, supermarkets and restaurants. It is the most widespread cockroach in Quebec and these infestations are frequent.

Oriental cockroach

The Oriental cockroach is nearly 1 inch tall and dark brown. It finds its food in garbage, sewage and decaying organic matter. Watch out, it eats anything!

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It takes not only expertise, but the right products and appropriate equipment to effectively eliminate cockroaches. The Rive-Nord Extermination team has all the skills to identify and completely eliminate your problem with these harmful insects.

1. Site visit to identify the source of the problem and the type of cockroach

2. Extermination and elimination of cockroaches

3. Decontamination (if applicable)

4. Apply preventive measures to avoid a new invasion of cockroaches

We are fully satisfied with the services. From the technicians to the team that carried out the subsequent protection work at our home, everyone showed professionalism. In response to our concerns, you have all agreed to pay extra attention. A big thank you!
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