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Elimination of bedbugs and other unwanted insects

To eliminate the bed bug, you must first make sure you identify it and know its life cycle!

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Bed Bug

– Adult size four to five millimeters long.

– Color brown/red.

– It borrows the color of blood after feeding.

– Has a slender beak-like mouthpart with two pairs of stylets for biting.

– One of the tubes is used to suck blood and the other to eject saliva.

– Bedbugs are insects that adapt very well to any environment, even in spite of unfavorable conditions

Life cycle
– It does an incomplete metamorphosis.
– The female lays about three hundred and forty-five eggs in the cracks.
– The eggs hatch within five to forty-eight days.
Habits of the bed bug

– It is mainly found in dirty bedrooms as well as in cracks and dark places.
– It searches for its host at night to bite and feed.
– It can live a year without food and spend the winter in an unheated house.
– It leaves traces of blood and excrement on the mattresses.

Means of propagation
– In contact with infested people
– They come from neighboring apartments
– Furniture moving
– Clothing storage
– Following a trip (suitcases)

How to prevent bed bugs

Wash bedding in hot water and tumble dry on high
(at least twenty minutes).
Pass the sweeper over the mattresses, box springs and in the rooms.
Call a pest management specialist who will apply an insecticide in the cracks and crevices that can serve as shelter for insects.

Contact a qualified exterminator for your problems with bed bugs

At Rive-Nord Extermination, we offer a complete and effective service to eliminate harmful insects such as bed bugs. Speak with one of our certified extermination technicians now and he will guide you in the best approach depending on your condition.


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