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Everything you need to know about the bumblebee and how to repel this insect from your home!

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General Information About Bumblebee

Bumblebees are hymenoptera belonging to the Apidae family. They are easily distinguished from wasps by their robust bodies covered in yellow, black, orange or white hairs. The size of bumblebees can vary enormously within the same colony. On average, they measure 15 to 25 mm in length. We can also find about twenty species of bumblebees in Quebec.
The lifespan of the colony is rather seasonal. Indeed, the workers die in the fall and it is the queens that survive the winter. In the spring, the queens emerge from their hiding places in search of potential places to found new colonies such as abandoned mouse burrows, wall cavities, etc. During the summer, the colony grows to reach a hundred workers. When the colony becomes mature, the sexual forms appear to mate around mid-August to produce new queens that will hibernate in the winter. Subsequently, the males and workers die and the cycle continues.

Please note:
It is not recommended to destroy a bumblebee nest since they are very useful insects for pollination. Nevertheless, it is possible to intervene when they build their nest near dwellings or in a wall cavity. Just locate the entrance to the nest located in the ground or in an opening in the exterior wall.


Bumblebees are important pollinators. These, having no barbed stinger, can sting repeatedly, but they are not very aggressive insects that prefer to forage. Unlike the honeybee, the queen and the males participate in domestic tasks such as: building the nest, feeding the larvae, defending the colony, etc. Bumblebees can travel up to 2 km from the nest in search of nectar and pollen. They have an impressive foraging speed that can reach 70 flowers per minute.

Bumblebee elimination

In some cases bumblebee can become a pest. Here are some tips to repel or eliminate it:

  • It is advisable to operate after dark.
  • Contact a certified pest control technician who will apply insecticide through the crack where the bumblebees are infiltrating or on the surface.
  • Put up cracks or cracks where insects could infiltrate.

    PS: Outdoor prevention can prevent the formation of a bumblebee nest.

Extermination of the bumblebee in a residential environment

At Rive-Nord Extermination, we have the expertise required to safely eliminate the bumblebee from your home. Our products used are effective and healthy for the environment. Contact us today to solve your insect problem!


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