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General information on the cockroach


The cockroach is the most common of our domestic insects, on earth for more than 200 million years. The cockroach is the insect that adapts best to changes in the environment. In fact, there are 5 species in Canada, the most common of which are German, American and Oriental cockroaches. Cockroaches settle where they find heat, food, humidity and shelter. Apartment houses, restaurants, stores, warehouses, bakeries, canneries, slaughterhouses, dairies, food manufacturing establishments, landfills, public buildings…everything suits them. Their bad smell, their habit of crawling on food and soiling make them undesirable.

Cockroaches can produce lots of eggs

These are broad-bodied, flattened insects. The head, tilted downwards, has two long, thin and flexible antennae. Adult males of most species and females of a few species have well-developed wings; the other females have only rudimentary wings. The young, that is to say the nymphs, not of wings. In addition, the color of the species encountered in Canada varies from pale brown to dark brown. During the 10 to 11 months of the female’s life, it can reproduce four to eight capsules. Surprisingly, each of its capsules can contain up to 30 to 48 eggs.

The cockroach is active at night
Cockroaches avoid bright light, but hunt in the dark or at night. They run very fast and some species can even fly. Meats, dairy products, sweet and starchy foods attract them, but they also adapt to vegetables, fruits, leather, fabrics, dead or alive insects, hair and paper.
A few precautions to prevent a cockroach infestation

Make sure that the packaging of groceries or other foods does not contain cockroaches or egg capsules. In short, cardboard boxes, beer crates and soft drink crates are their favorite hiding places.

Why do cockroach problems persist in some cases?

The treatment site is so dirty that the pesticide is absorbed by dust, dirt and waste
Cockroaches have been reintroduced by merchandise from outside.
An adjacent building, not serviced by the company, is the source of the infestation
The customer decides to process his establishment himself.

The most common types of cockroaches


Brown banded cockroach


Brown banded cockroachBrown banded cockroaches are about 5/8 inch in size and have 2 yellowish bands on their wings. It is a nocturnal and scavenger insect. In fact, the cockroach eats almost everything.


It prefers warm and dry places but as it flies it can find itself in any structure, heights and inside furniture. For 24 to 36 hours, the female carries a capsule that contains about 18 eggs.

It fixes it on a protected surface and thus the larvae will reach maturity in about 161 days. Adults will live up to 10 months.

Known as the cockroach, it can be confused with the German cockroach. This one hides its eggs in the furniture and does not need humidity as much as other species.




American cockroach




American Cockroach exterminationThe American cockroach is one of the largest insect pests and measures nearly 1.5 inches. Their wings are reddish brown and they have paler spots on her thorax. They eat almost anything and is a scavenger.


It hangs in places where food is prepared. These favorite places are warm and humid and it can be seen during the day and outdoors. This cockroach can fly. Their female will lay several capsules filled with about 13 eggs after a single mating. The larvae will take 20 months to reach maturity and will have molted more than 13 times. Finally, its longevity is about 15 months.


Commonly called a cockroach, it is also known as a water bug. It will be especially attracted to alcoholic beverages, especially beer.


German cockroach


German Cockroach ExterminatorThe German cockroach is medium to light brown and has 2 vertical stripes on the thorax. Its length is about 5/8 inch. It eats almost everything and is scavenger. It is a nocturnal insect and is found near food, humidity and heat.


This is the most common cockroach that you can find in residences, supermarkets and restaurants. In fact, it lays a capsule of 18-48 eggs every 20-25 days. Hatchlings take 36 days to reach maturity and will live up to 1 year.

This is the most common cockroach in Quebec and these infestations are frequent.




Oriental Cockroach




Oriental CockroachThe oriental cockroach is nearly an inch tall and dark brown. It finds its food in garbage, sewage and decaying organic matter but it eats anything.


It has a preference for starch-based products. It enters buildings through manholes, but is also found outside. It is found in warm, humid places near the ground.

It will lay about 8 capsules which can hold 16 eggs. The larvae will moult 7 times during the first year before becoming adults. They will live an average of 6 months.


Known as cockroach, it is also called water bug or black beetle. It has an apathetic tendency compared to other species and emits a foul odor.

Call an exterminator to contain your cockroach problem

Pest Control Technicians themselves have the ability to halt the development of insect resistance by choosing the right product and the right application method for each case.


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