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Everything you need to know about the wasp and how to get rid of this insect for good!

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Several species of wasps currently live in Quebec. Their coloring is usually yellow and black. The size of these insects varies according to the species. In general, adult wasps have a length that varies between 10 and 25 millimeters. The junction between the thorax and the abdomen is thin and their body rather elongated.

Wasps are very numerous in Quebec. These social insects live in colonies that are usually very small. These colonies include one or a few queens (mated females), workers (sterile females) and males at certain times of the year. The nest is constructed of paper-like material which is a mixture of chewed wood and saliva. It is usually hung below a horizontal surface.

Wasps are active during the day only, they can sting more than once. The queen hibernates in a protected place and the rest of the colony dies with the onset of cold weather.

Wasps, like bees, are essential insects because they pollinate plants. However, when wasps build their nests near dwellings or on foundations, they become a nuisance to humans, because if disturbed, they will not hesitate to sting to defend their nest.

They are commonly found in trees, under balconies, under eaves and even inside houses. It feeds mainly on meat and sweet products, in particular the juice of ripe fruit.

  • Do business with a pest management specialist who will use a foam insecticide (nest visible) or who will apply a powder insecticide in a crack through which the insects infiltrate (nest not visible).
  • Combine with the use of sticky traps where the insects land if the nest is difficult to access
  • Caulk exterior cracks and crevices through which insects can infiltrate to build a nest in a structural void.

Elimination of wasps and other unwanted insects

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