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Larder beetle problem?

Everything you need to know about larder beetle and how to get rid of it for good!

Dermeste du lard

Larder Beetle

Dermestes Lardarius

The larder beetle is a beetle of the Dermestidae family. Adult, it becomes dark brown or black with a slanted yellowish band on the back where there are about 6 dark dots. It is estimated to be about 8 mm (1/3″) long. Its fangs are nicknamed urogomphs and are used to distinguish the different species of dermestids.
It is usually in the larval stage that the larder beetle causes problems for occupants of dwellings. The larvae, which have completed their development, circulate randomly and reach different rooms in the house through cracks, crevices and ceiling lights. The larder beetle is often encountered in recent constructions. The adult larder beetle feeds mainly on food containing a lot of protein: bacon, cake, ham, fresh pork, dried meat, dried fish and cheese, as well as insects, rodents or dead birds that it finds in attics and the attics.

Some useful tips to avoid problems with this pest:

  • Sweep everywhere and ensure a good cleaning
  • Contact a pest control specialist to apply a professional-grade insecticide to the perimeter of the rooms where the insect was found.
  • Seal the exterior contours of doors, windows, cornices and chimneys as much as possible.

Elimination of larder beetle and other unwanted insects

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