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You surely know that this is a rather serious problem. Indeed, although they are cute, these rodents can multiply at an incredible speed and cause a lot of devastation. But, rest assured, this type of invasion can be treated fairly quickly with the help of an experienced mouse exterminator.

In the meantime, read this guide to find all the answers to your questions and useful tips.

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Need a mouse exterminator?

Common name: Mouse

Latin name: Mus musculus
Class: Mammalia
Family: Muridae
Length: 6 to 10 cm
Weight: 20 to 50 g
Color: grey, black or white

Types of mice in Quebec:

Life expectancy: 2 to 3 years
Number of pregnancy per year: 4 to 8
Number of offspring per pregnancy: 6 to 12

Presence indices:

From the Latin name “sorex, – icis”, a mouse is a rodent whose size can vary between 6 to 10 cm in length (apart from the 10cm tail), depending on the type of which it belongs. Rather small, it weighs about 20 to 50g and its coat is gray, black or white. In Quebec, the types of mice that we encounter inadvertently are the gray mouse (the most common), the sylvester, the braces, that of the waterfalls, the sitka, the harvester and the white-footed mouse.
Also, this small mammal is easily recognizable by its pointed snout and small round ears. From the Muridae family, the mouse is omnivorous, that is to say that it feeds mainly on seeds, fruits and vegetables. But, it sometimes happens to eat a little meat and cheese. Rather greedy, the mouse eats approximately 5 grams of food per day.
Their behavior

Mice usually build their homes underground. Built like burrows with several tunnels and entrances, it only comes out to search for food. The latter being rare in winter, it is at this time that the mouse enters our homes, especially if it has smelled a tempting smell! In addition, given the cold winter weather in Quebec, the mouse also sneaks inside our cottages to warm up and have its reach.

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This rodent may be your roommate
It is true that the mouse has its uses in nature. But, it is very different when it becomes, without our knowledge, our roommate. We could even go so far as to consider it our worst enemy because it can destroy everything in its path! To check if a mouse has taken up residence in your home, pay attention to the sounds you hear at night. Indeed, since it is nocturnal, it will move a lot while you sleep. So, if you hear suspicious noises in your walls, floors and cabinets, take a look as discreetly as possible. To give you an idea, these noises will sound like scratching or scampering and will only be noticeable at night.
Signs of mice in the home

Besides the noises, you will certainly notice cereal boxes or other objects, such as books or electrical wires, chewed and gnawed. In addition, you will see excrement on your counters, for example. If you find mouse droppings, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is infested with a large colony. It simply means that at least one mouse lives in your home.

It only takes a small hole to let the mouse in

Small rodents can break into your home in many ways. Thanks to their tiny and flexible bodies, the mice manage to sneak through air ducts, cracks in foundations or doors and poorly caulked windows. In fact, a hole just one centimeter in diameter is enough for a mouse to show up in your house. This is why it is essential to carefully examine all your possible entries. We will come back to this point a little later.

The mouse is harmful
As soon as they are present in your home, mice can cause a lot of problems! Being little foodies, they won’t be shy about nibbling on the contents of your pantry, even going so far as to eat the bread crumbs on your kitchen counter. Then, they can also chew electrical wires and many other things. Their annoying habit of gnawing on everything they find could be very dangerous, possibly causing a fire or a flood.

Cheap solutions to eliminate mice

Before contacting a mouse exterminator, you’ll probably want to remedy the situation on your own. Moreover, several options are available to you and we will try to briefly describe them to you so that you can make a wise choice.

Dommages causés par les souris
The mouse trap
trappe à souris (souricières)First, you can opt for mousetraps. Their principle is very simple: it is a question of putting a bait in it (like peanut butter or a mixture of pork fat, for example) and waiting for a mouse to come and feast. The mouse will find itself stuck in the hatch (or dead) and you will only have to put on gloves to take this trap in order to remove the mouse and throw it outside, in a well sealed garbage bag. These mousetraps are very practical since they are reusable.
The sticky trap
trappe collante à sourisAnother product that can help you is the sticky trap. Put them in places where you have detected the presence of mice and check them daily. If a mouse is stuck there, remove the corpse and throw it away. However, it is important to clarify that these sticky trap doors carry a risk for small pets.
The ultrasonic device
Dispositif ultrasonique anti-sourisYou can also get ultrasonic devices. These emit waves and vibrations that mice do not particularly like. Being seen more as a means of prevention, these devices can end up being less effective over time. This is explained by the fact that the mice will get used to the waves emitted and they will therefore continue to proliferate in your home.

Produit contre les souris - RATOXINIf you don’t have a pet, you could turn to pesticides. However, before buying one, take a few minutes to visit this site to find out which ones are authorized in your sector. Generally, you will be entitled to use anticoagulant rondenticides, which are sold in the form of paraffin blocks. Their function is to block the blood circulation of rodents, thus leading to their death. Other non-anticoagulant pesticides exist on the market. They are made with bromethalin, cellulose and powdered corn.

Is it a good idea to fix the mouse problem without a mouse exterminator?

While it’s tempting, and even cheaper, to fix the mouse problem on your own, be aware that it’s not a good idea. Many over-the-counter products are, or can be, ineffective if used improperly. Granted, you’ll probably kill a few, but you won’t necessarily end the infestation. And with this type of rodent, a small infestation can quickly become a much bigger problem! This is why we advise you to contact a mouse exterminator certified and qualified in the matter.

Find a knowledgeable mouse exterminator on the North Shore of Montreal

If you detect the presence of rodents such as mice, you must call aa mouse exterminator company that will be able to eradicate the infestation. Thanks to their competent and experienced exterminators, you will be rid of those pesky rodents in no time. In addition, they will use products that will be safe for you and the environment.

Decontamination following extermination of mice

Once the extermination is complete, these mouse exterminator experts will also take care of the decontamination of the premises. This step consists of not leaving any corpses or excrement in your house. Your home will once again be a healthy and viable place for all of your family members.

The final touch to fix the mouse infestation problem

Finally, the hired mouse exterminator will carry out a final interior and exterior check of your home. They will take the time to carefully examine whether any openings or holes have been plugged. This last step is crucial to prevent your home from being invaded by rodents. Once this verification is complete, they will discuss with you the many prevention options to apply and will give you the invoice. As simple as that!

Preventive measures to avoid the presence of mice at home

To avoid being confronted with this kind of problem, some preventive measures must be put in place. These simple gestures will allow you to be safe from mice or, if necessary, to avoid a new infestation. Here are concrete examples of preventive measures that you can implement


This involves first doing an inspection of your home to make sure any crevices, cracks or holes are blocked. Be aware that all it takes is a tiny hole for a mouse to discreetly infiltrate your home. If you notice any, you must seal them with waterproof caulking. Of course, this step can be carried out by the extermination team you have contacted. These experts will know what materials to use and also apply a premium sealant or mesh.

Installation of weatherstripping

For your part, you can install weather stripping on exterior doors, but remember to always close them properly, more specifically during peak rodent activity (i.e. from early evening until ‘at the Sunrise). Afterwards, consider covering the air ducts with a metal mesh. If you are concerned that you are not carrying out this step properly, do not hesitate to seek the help of an extermination company. After all, it is better to be extra careful than to have the company of one or more mice at home!

Ground cleaning

Then, make sure that your land is always well maintained, without traces of weeds, as this could be attractive to mice. For example, avoid storing your firewood near your home. This could encourage rodents to approach too close to your home, then facilitate their intrusion. Also, be sure to pick up piles of dead leaves or brush on your property. Finally, to be sure that your land is clean, put your waste in a trash can with a tight lid.

Put everything in jars!

The last step, but not the least, is to limit access to different materials, foods and nesting places. In other words, be sure to put dry foods in resealable, airtight, rodent-proof jars. Consider doing the same outdoors for bags of grass seed or seeds for your garden or vegetable patch, if available.

Along the same lines, be sure to clean areas exposed to food, such as kitchen counters, daily. This means that you should do your best not to leave crumbs or the like that could attract rodents.

To conclude, the mouse is certainly cute when we see it in the distance in the fields, the woods, at the pet store or even on television. But it is much less so when she chooses your house as her home and wreaks havoc. To put an end to any mouse infestation problem, feel free to contact a mouse exterminator company. This is how you can once again sleep peacefully in your safe, viable and mouse-free home!

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