How to get rid of wasps?

Wasps are morphologically similar insects to bees with a few major differences: their color which is a bright yellow, and their sting which remains intact and allows recurrence of stings.

While wasps are useful for the ecosystem by feeding on insect larvae and being the food of certain birds, their invasive presence in your garden can be annoying and even dangerous, and you must get rid of them before they do any damage.

The sting of a wasp

Following a wasp sting, not everyone reacts the same way. For the most part, the reaction is limited to local redness accompanied by swelling and itching around the bitten area. In some cases, the reaction can be an allergy or even an anaphylactic shock: only 2% of humans are at risk from a wasp sting, but if there are several stings, then several doses of injected venom, then hospitalization may be required.
Comment se débarrasser des guêpes

How to exterminate wasps

The unpleasant consequences of their stings encourage to exterminate the wasps at all costs (or better, at low cost). For that, there are several methods:

Keep wasps away naturally

If there are a small number of wasps around you, it is better to drive them away without killing them. You can burn ground coffee and leave it under the wasp nest, they hate the smell and will flee the area quickly. You can also put lemon on your garden table, because what helps displeases wasps.
Another way is the insecticidal aerosol to be sprayed around the nest and in nearby places.

Prepare a wasp trap

If the wasps don’t go away, you might as well go back to traditional methods to eliminate wasps. Cut a water bottle horizontally and keep the part that forms a funnel, fill the funnel with a very sweet liquid of your choice, the wasps will come to feed there and cannot get out.

Wasp nest destruction

When nothing works, you have to act on the habitat of the wasps: their nest. It is best to consult a professional wasp exterminator who is knowledgeable about it. In case you think you can get rid of wasps on your own, here’s what you should do:

  • Prepare water with soap: it is a simple solution to prepare and represents a natural and non-toxic insecticide.
  • Wait for the night: because you must not approach the wasp nest when they are active, at night they rest.
  • Cover up with long clothes, including your face if possible.
  • Throw soap and water on the nest.
  • Repeat the action the next evening, then take a garbage bag, remove the nest and throw the bag in a closed trash can and away.

This is a safe and often effective method of destroying wasp nests, especially when the nest is small.


That’s all! we would like to remind you that it is not advisable to operate on a wasp nest by oneself because it is, at best, partially effective, at worst, dangerous. You need an exterminator to get rid of wasps permanently.

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