All about the price of an ant exterminator in Quebec

When the weather warms up in Quebec, houses fill up with sweet food to celebrate the good weather. The only problem is that the ants too will reappear and run around inside your house to mate and survive. Although ants are not dangerous, their presence is still harmful to the wood and sometimes even to your health.
Don’t waste time trying to eradicate them on your own, call a pest control service. In this article we discuss the prices of ant extermination in Quebec and the factors that come into play.

Detect an ant infestation:

You don’t want to rush to the professionals if you see two or three ants in your kitchen early on, it may just be a matter of passing by. However, here are some signs of some ant infestation:

You kill the ants, but they keep respawning!

A hundred ants infesting your food.

In the dark, when you use a torch, you see ants moving on the same trajectory… Be sure!

What can be done to get rid of ants?

In general, we do not recommend acting on ants without the help of a professional, it is a waste of time and resources that will prove ineffective. If you still want to try and fix the problem on your own before checking out the ant extermination price, here’s what you can do:

To. A good cleaning

Starting with the kitchen, the goal is not to leave any food outside, as this is the main cause of ant infestation. This is not only an excellent way to prevent infestation, but also a way to say STOP to ants in your home.

b. The nest outdoor

If you find an ant nest outside your home, great. Do not try to destroy it with violence, this behavior can even aggravate the problem. On the other hand, you can pour soapy water on the nest daily and see what happens.

c. The nest indoor

Alas, there is not much you can do to eradicate an ant nest inside your home. If it is on a piece of wood, you can remove it immediately when possible. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to surround the nest with ant traps, or dig holes in the wooden room to put toxic substances such as borax .

d. Put poison if the nest is not found

Indications of ant poisoning are exceptional, as insecticides pose a danger to you, your children, and your pets. In addition, they are not very effective.
Try instead with a bait of water, sugar and borax mixed to attract the ants, they consume it and die poisoned in a few weeks.
All in all, the methods available to you to exterminate ants are limited and not very effective. You better call an ant exterminator.

le prix d'un exterminateur de fourmis au Québec

Ant Extermination Price

Finally, we come to the heart of the matter: in Quebec, the price for the extermination of ants is not fixed; Costs can vary between $225 and $1200.

The criteria taken into account to set the price

You should know that the professional gives you the ant extermination price after a general consultation of your home. Here are the criteria that come into play:


The size of your home: the price rises proportionally to the surface of your home, because there is more space to deal with.

The seriousness of the infestation: the advantage of quickly having recourse to a specialized ant exterminator is to avoid the aggravation of the infestation, because the service in the case of the case will cost you dearly.

The type of infesting ants: it costs more to eliminate the carpenter ants. It is a species that raises the cost of exterminating ants up to $1000.


There is nothing more annoying than an infestation by insects, and to tackle this problem, do not act alone. Calling an ant exterminator will save you a lot of time and trouble, so don’t hesitate!

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