What to do when there are ants in the house?

The climate is warming and families in Quebec are bringing their best desserts to the table and opening their windows wide. This weather is perfect but one thing can spoil it: ants in the house. This is a common problem at this time of year and it can strike anyone. If you have found ants in the house, this article is for you, let’s talk about it!

Ants in the house: why and how:

It is not by chance that hundreds of ants end up in your home; they are insects that seek to survive and they go where conditions permit. Here are two main things that attract ants:

Misplaced food (of any type), sugary crumbs on the floor because that’s what the ants feed on.

Damp wood attracts ants by its smell, carpenter ants live there.

To prevent an ant invasion in the house, you must first remove the food and the habitat. But that’s not all…
The most useful thing is to close the access doors for ants in your house, here are some doors not to be missed:


The cracks in your windows, especially those in the garden as they are the most easily accessible route.


The gaps in the walls.

The holes at the bottom of the doors.

How to recognize an ant infestation:

Before obsessing over the methods of eliminating ants, we would like to remind our readers that an occasional passage of a small number of ants in the house is not alarming. In fact, these insects move about in nature, and your home may just be a station.
On the other hand, there are characteristic signs of an ant infestation, here they are:

If you encounter ants in your home EVERY day, it is probably an infestation, since passing ants leave the house in less than a week.


If their number is large, it is in favor of a colony.


At night, you find out (using a torch) that the ants line up, follow each other, and take a route to a hole in the wall. There you are sure it’s an infestation.

But what danger do ants have?

In concrete terms, none. Ants are harmless insects that play a big role in biodiversity and you do not risk any disease transmitted by these insects. The only real problem with ants is that they are very annoying, especially when they colonize your food. It’s also very unpleasant to see them all the time, every day, even when there are guests!! In short, you have to get rid of ants.

Take action: how to get rid of ants?

It makes sense to want to get rid of ants given the annoyance they cause, but the question that always comes up on this subject is: how do you get rid of ants?
We suggest you review the best known and most effective tips to act against ants in the house.

Use anti-ant products

The experts offer cheap products available to the public, we especially insist on the liquid gel which brings an unbeatable quality/price ratio! However, if you want to avoid the use of chemicals, this is not the solution for you.

Hot water

A completely free and quite miraculous solution, you can pour hot water on the anthill and you will destroy it.

Lemon juice

Lemon is known for its rapid effectiveness against ants that gather in one place in the house. You can put lemon drops there and the acidity will do its job!

Baking soda

It works in association with sugar and repels ants.

Call an ant exterminator

To get rid of ants, natural methods are slow and chemical methods can be risky. The ideal is to seek help from an ant extermination service that acts with professionalism and meets all your requirements.


Don’t let the ants hang around your house, as the problem can get bigger and cost more. Feel free to try some natural methods, but if you see that it doesn’t really work, the ant exterminator is at your service.

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