Tips for preventing bedbugs in Montreal

Montreal is a dynamic and welcoming city, but unfortunately, it is not immune to the problems of bed bugs. To protect your home on the North Shore and in Montreal itself, here are some essential local tips to prevent bedbug infestations.

1. Inspect your clothes and bags after taking public transportation or returning from a trip

Public transportation is a convenient way to get around Montreal, but it can also be an ideal playground for bedbugs. After taking the metro, the bus or even the REM, get into the habit of inspecting your clothes, especially the seams and folds, for signs of bedbugs or their eggs. This is especially important if you use public transportation frequently. Also be careful if you are flying and returning from travel!

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2. Be vigilant when purchasing second-hand furniture

Montreal is known for its flea markets and vintage finds, but sometimes that can mean unintentionally introducing bedbugs into your home. Before purchasing second-hand furniture, examine it carefully. Check cracks, corners, and gaps where bed bugs could be hiding. If possible, use heat treatment methods like steam to remove any potential intruders before bringing the furniture into your home.

3. Educate children about the signs of infestation

Involve the whole family in bed bug prevention. Teach children the signs of infestation and the importance of reporting any problems immediately. Encourage them not to exchange clothes or bedding at school and to be careful when staying with friends.

4. Use bed bug resistant mattress and pillow covers

Invest in mattress and pillow covers specifically designed to be bed bug resistant. These protectors provide an additional physical barrier, making it more difficult for bed bugs to take up residence in your bedding.

5. Avoid excessive piling of clothes and objects

Bed bugs like to hide in dark, tight spaces. Avoid excessively stacking your clothes or other items in closets or your bedroom. Keep spaces well ventilated and organize your belongings regularly to reduce potential hiding places.

6. Plan professional preventative treatments

Hire a professional pest management company for regular preventative treatments. On the North Shore of Montreal, we at Rive-Nord Extermination understand the unique challenges you may face. Our experts can develop personalized plans to prevent infestations of bed bugs and other pests common in the area.


Preventing bedbugs in Montreal requires a proactive approach. By following these local tips, you can minimize the risk of infestation and protect your home on the North Shore of Montreal and surrounding areas. Remember, vigilance is key, and if you have any concerns, our team at Rive-Nord Extermination is here to help you. Don’t let bedbugs ruin your peace of mind, act now.
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