How to find bed bugs at home?

For most people, the bed is synonymous with rest and happiness, but that changes when you face a bed bug infestation. With their itchy bites, everyday life becomes more miserable as the size of the bed bug infestation grows.

But what are these bugs? What attracts them? And especially how to find bedbugs when you suspect the invasion? These are the questions covered in this article with a bonus of prevention tips.

Introduction of bed bugs

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The bedbug is a small human parasite visible to the naked eye. It feeds on human blood and takes on its color to become dark red. It is an insect that finds difficulty climbing on solid surfaces, which is why bed sheets are favorable to it.

Their activity takes place mainly at night when bedbugs can bite you up to 90 times; result: you won’t wake up very happy.

It is important to remember that a bed bug infestation is not a sign of a lack of cleanliness in your home. Indeed, no one is really spared from these insects except those who learn to avoid them.

Finding bedbugs

There are a few signs of a bed bug infestation, the first being bites on the bit discovered during the night of sleep, but that’s not the only one. In fact, if you want to be sure there are bed bugs in your home, you have to know how to look for them. Here are some places where bedbugs can be found:

The bed

In the event of bites, check the sheets of your bed directly. You can find bedbugs there that are the size of an apple seed and dark in color (remember that they are full of your blood!).

Sometimes bed bugs get crushed and you will find bloodstains on the sheet, especially when it is light in color.

You can even find bedbug droppings that take the form of black ink blots.

The sofa

These parasites have a preference for fabrics. That said, you can find bed bugs nesting in your sofas. Inspect sofas carefully for the living body of the bedbug and also for its eggs. Bedbug eggs are white and arranged in clusters.

The furniture

Another great place to find bed bugs is furniture, especially used ones you just got. It is also the main source of bed bugs, so be careful!

How to prevent a bedbug infestation

It is essential to learn how to prevent a bed bug infestation. Here are measures recommended by a bed bug exterminator


Free up space

This measure applies against infestations of all types, it is advisable not to accumulate objects in a corner of your apartment and forget them, it is a place conducive to bedbugs!

Beware of used items

If you’re buying used furniture or clothing, don’t forget to do a good inspection. If the object is infested, simply do not let it into your home, report it to the owner and seek assistance at a bed bug exterminator.

Travel precautions

If you are traveling away from home, please check your location for bedbugs. Pay particular attention to the bed, rug and sofas.

Caution when moving

The move must entail the collection of your objects in plastic bags or tightly closed boxes. And don’t forget to look for bedbugs in your new apartment.


Although they are not particularly harmful to human health, bedbugs can be very annoying, hence the importance of prevention and early action. Start by finding bed bugs in your home and making sure it’s an infestation, then don’t hesitate to call a bed bug exterminator who will take care of it.

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