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We are a company specializing in pest control in Mirabel and its surroundings. We offer professional, fast and efficient services to eliminate all types of pests, such as mice, rats, ants, spiders, wasps and much more.

Our technicians are experienced and trained to use the most appropriate methods for each situation, to ensure lasting results. We use products that respect the environment and human health, while respecting safety and regulatory standards.

If you find yourself confronted with any type of pest, you must immediately contact an exterminator in Mirabel.

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Mirabel, like any other rapidly growing city, may face infestation of pests such as insects and rodents. Pests can carry disease and cause material damage to your belongings and property. Here are some examples of specific problems:

Mice and Rats: mice and rats are common pests in Mirabel. They can cause damage to buildings and spread disease. They can also cause electrical fires by chewing on electrical wires.

Ants: ants are also very common in Mirabel. They can gather in large numbers and invade homes, gardens and grounds. Some species of ants can bite and cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Wasps and Hornets: The wasps and hornets are also pests that can cause problems in Mirabel. Their bites can be very painful and potentially dangerous for people with allergies. Wasp and hornet nests should be carefully removed to prevent attacks.

Bedbugs: Bed bugs are increasingly present in hotels and homes in Mirabel. They can cause health problems, allergic reactions and itching. They are very difficult to remove without the help of a professional.

Prevention service to prevent the infestation of harmful insects or rodents in Mirabel

We also offer prevention services to prevent pests from returning to your homes or premises. Our experts can carry out a complete inspection of your property to identify potential sources of infestation and suggest appropriate preventive measures.

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We are a family business proud to serve the greater Montreal area since 1988. We do not use any subcontractors to ensure the quality of our pest control services.

We offer a written guarantee for all our services, as well as low environmental impact products to minimize our ecological footprint. We are also committed to the prevention of infestations and offer prevention services to prevent the reappearance of pests.

We are present at two addresses, one on the North Shore and one on the South Shore, to offer great accessibility to our customers. Our service coverage extends to the entire greater Montreal area.

Free estimate and 24-hour extermination service in Mirabel

We offer a free estimate for all our pest extermination services in Mirabel. Our qualified exterminators in Mirabel will be happy to provide you with a complete assessment of the situation and offer you the best solutions to solve your pest problem.

We understand that pest infestations can happen at any time, which is why we offer a 24/7 service to meet your needs at all times. We are available for emergency response if needed. Contact your exterminator in Mirabel now!


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